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Tourist Attractions – BANDARBAN

  • v The exotic culture of Marma ethnic minority. The Marma are simple and hospitable people. Bandarban is also the home of the Murang who are famous for their music and dance.
  • v Jadi Temple / Golden Temple is the biggest in Bangladesh.
  • v The highest peaks on the northern side are Thangnang, Langliang and Khantiang while those on the southern side are Ruma, Taung, Keokeradong, Tajingdong (4632 feet, highest in Bangladesh), Mowdok Mual, Rang Tlang and Maudok Tlang.
  • v Expedition to Chimbuk Hill & Murang villages standing on the lap of the cloud is 25 km to the south of Bandarban town.
  • v Boga Lake is a wanderful natural Lake and best place for overnight of Bandarban.
  • v Ruma, Keokeradong & Tajingdong are the best attraction in Bandarban area.
  • v Nilgiri is famous for its natural beauty where one cloud experience the touch of passing cloud A cottage maintain by Bangladesh army is available to stay on prior permission.
  • v Nilachol and Shuvranila is referred to as Darjeeling of Bangladesh. Trekking excursion to Hatibandha is a beautiful Tripura village.

Trekking to Keokradong

Trekking to Keokradong brings different pleasures to different tourists. For some it is on adventure close to the 2nd highest peaks of Bangladesh, for others it is the attraction of meeting tribal people and learning something of their lifestyle and culture. Whatever the case, we are committed to providing exceptional trekking experience. Our experienced guide will take you to the undiscovered region of Bangladesh.

KKD 06: Trekking to Keokradong (5 days) US$ 300

Note: We need minimum 4 adults to run this trip.

Hills, Lake & Tribal People, Rangamati

Rangamati– the most picturesque place of Bangladesh. It’s rare scenic beauty and unspoiled tribal life is just 77 km from Chittagong. It will be interesting to cruise on emerald blue water of Kaptai Lake (1630 sq. km). The hill tracts are inhabited by fourteen groups of indigenous people who are equally colorful. Each group has each own language, rich tradition and attractive customs. The peach loving, friendly and extremely hospitable people will welcome you to their own land.Bandarban- is the roof of Bangladesh and living places of many varieties of ethnic people who are different rest of the flat areas. Total 12 communities groups stay In Bandarban. Each tribe has each distinctive rites, rituals and dress.They have each culture and languages. You can visit tourist spot and indigenous villages.

Tourist Attractions - RANGAMATI

  • v Kaptai Lake is a very large artificial lake, spreading over 680 of crystal- clean water flanked by hills and evergreen forest in Rangamati district.
  • v Fascinating life and living of ethnic people is great attraction, indeed.
  • v Rangamati has beautiful landscape, scenic beauty, it’s flora and fauna, home-spun textile, bamboo made handbags, flower vases and ivory jewelleries and above all the life style of ethnic people.
  • v Tribal Museum, Rajban Bihara, Bein textile factory and salse centre, Kalpataru, Ivory product shop, Hanging bridge, Tribal village, Chakma kings house and weekly Hat (market) are worth visiting place.

RMT 07: Rangamati & Bandarban tour (5 Days) US$ 350

Note: We need minimum 4 adults to run this tour.

Trip to Cox’s Bazaar & St.Martin Island (4 nights/3 days)

Cox’s Bazaar– the longest natural sea beach in the world (120 km). Miles of silvery sands, surfing waves, rare conch shells, towering cliffs, colorful pagodas, Buddhist temples and tribal life– this is Cox’s Bazaar, the tourist capital of Bangladesh. The morning fish market, a few very old wooden temples in Ramu is the most attraction in Cox’s Bazaar. Trip to Sonadia and Moheshkhali are memorable experiences of a life time.

St. Martin, the only coral Island of Bangladesh– is inhabited by 7/8 thousands of people. Most of them are depending on fishing or fishing related activities. There are beautiful coral on southern corner of this island. Chera Dip– another small island should be visited on your trip by the boat. The water is much clearer here compare to other beach. It is possible to snorkeling here if you carry your own equipment. It is fantastic, if you stay there during the full moon time.

Price Per Person in US$ 300

Bandarban Tour (2 Days / 3 Nights)

What to see: Golden Temple; Meghla; Shangu River, walking in the Bawm tribal village, Shaila Propat, Chimbuk, Murong indigenous village.

Price per person: BDT. 10,900

Price includes:

  • 1 Night stay in Resort/Guest house.
  • Bus ( Dhaka- Bandarban- Dhaka)
  • Sightseeing by Chander Gari ( 4 wheel Jeep)
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Tea, water.
  • Tour Guide.
  • Hill Tracts Permission.
  • Entry fee.

We need Minimum 04 adults. If less people price will increase.


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