Coloured Milk experiment

My Prediction

My prediction is that when the dishwashing liquid touches the milk that the food colouring will join together and clot because of all the chemicals in the dishwashing liquid.

Materials needed

A plate or bowl

Food colouring

Dropper (optional)

Dishwashing liquid

Cotton swab


How to complete the experiment

Pour some milk onto the plate and let it settle. Pour a drop of each food colour (either near eachother or at the sides of the plate) Leave that to settle. Dab your cotton swab in the dishwashing liquid. Then touch the milk with the swab and watch as the food colouring move away from the swab and swirl together!

Why this happens

The dishwashing liquid does not mix with the milk instead it spreads across the top of the surface, as it spreads it grabs the food colouring. The dishwasher liquid is like a 'degreaser' so the molecules in it starts to attack the fat in the milk which causes motion which creates the swirling of the food colouring

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