Listen to Those Voices in Your Head

… but not the voices of the naysayers

You know those voices inside of your head that paint pictures of you doing amazing things? The ones that say… "Just dance like there's no tomorrow, just sing like no one's listening, just go out and try". Yeah… those voices. Listen to them. And do what they say.

We all have incredible things built up inside of us… things that are a culmination of our life experiences, dreams, and just stuff we like. Problem is that most of the time the other voice in your head… the VOJ… the Voice Of Judgement… shouts down your creative voice. The VOJ says… "you can't pull that off", "you're going to fail", "you'll look ridiculous doing that!" The naysayers fuel the VOJ. Don't listen to either of them!

Two things about the VOJ… 1) Everybody has one and 2) There's nothing you can do about it… except ignore it! Sometimes people just love hating on others… if not overtly, they do it on the sly (Yik Yak, anyone?). Seriously… fugeaboutit!

Do this instead…

Write down what the voices in your head are saying. Find fellow believers and share your dreams with them. Create a plan on how you can work toward making those dreams a reality and get to it!

Then… ignore the naysayers. They aren't relevant. Stay focused on your plans and chase your dreams. You'll be much happier. Trust me.

(thanks to my best bro, Jeremy, for joining me… and dragging me along… to dance with the voices. the pic is from our high heel run for a cause.)