Genius Files

by Eli Weiser

I'm reading The Genius Files which is about  twelve year old twins Coke and Pepsi. The Genius Files takes place in a RV cross country road trip from California to Virginia.  The twins travel from state to state with there parents. The twins find these codes that they have to solve at famous land marks. While reading about the twins adventure the author will make you laugh.  Read the book to decode the mystery!    

Some characters traits of Coke and Pepsi are very clever. They're very clever because  they can solve strange codes that they find at famous land marks. My opinion of the characters are that they are very brave because they drove a RV to a dump and are always up to  strange and mysterious stuff such as sky diving off a mountain when a golf cart came speeding at them.

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3 years ago

Nice job, Eli! I like the way you gave the basic information about the story. What do readers need to know about the actual Genius Files and the plans the undercover agents have for the super-smart kids? Add more detail about who the twins are traveling with and what they are trying to do. Also, I'm not super sure why the characters are funny based on what you wrote? It sounds like they have to be brave and ready for crazy adventures! I can't wait to learn more! :)