China's Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution

Nicholas Gutierrez and Haven Chung

The Great Leap Forward

The Great Leap Forward was a failed effort to revitalize/industrialize China's economy using collectivism.  This program failed to work (leading to its nickname "the great leap backwards") . The peasants could not work to their expectation and there was a very bad harvest.  Mao blamed the famine on sparrows and ordered them killed as his excuse. This resulted in an even bigger famine. This  famine resulted in numbers of 20-30 million Chinese civilians dead.

The cultural revolution

The Cultural Revolution targeted Chinese intellectuals under the premise that they observed foreign values, getting in the way of the peoples revolution. This program killed/drove off China's educated classes of teachers, scientists, and other leaders resulting in the long term crippling of China's economy and future. Mao's red guard was responsible for most of these actions and were known for carrying his little red book and persecuting his enemies.

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