Fall days

When summer’s heat dies away, I feel something coming. Something fun and unexpected. Something that comes with football, cold days and leaf piles. With sweaters and soup, with days spent outside. With pumpkins, candy corn, and jumping in leaf piles. Reading love stories nestled under blankets on cold, rainy days. Having fun running through pumpkin patches on warm, sunny days. Slurping up soup and cider after a long day of raking leaves or mowing the lawn. Having fun at parties or while trick or treating with friends in creative costumes. Enjoying family at a get together and eating delicious food on Thanksgiving. I love jumping in leaf piles and carving pumpkins. I love the sound of crunching leaves under my feet as I walk through my neighborhood enjoying the sights and smells of my favorite season. As I walk along through the streets and side roads, I see apples, pumpkins and leaves. I see squirrels running around hunting down nuts and acorns. I smell apples, pumpkins, and cinnamon. I smell the air, crisp and fresh. I hear melancholy bird calls and rustling leaves as the wind races through, bringing news of the season to come. I think of carnivals, all the rides, the games, the yummy food. I love eating delicious food on Game Day. The pizza, nachos, hot dogs and burgers. The dads all scream for their favorite teams, and booing when someone makes a fumble. I love this season, my favorite time of year. It’s falling leaves, picnics, pumpkins, carnivals and football. Do you like it too?