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Rock Sound allows the audience to access parts of the magazine by only stating the main parts of what are involved. It doesn't show the whole magazine as they would not profit from a free magazine. By only allowing a small amount to be shown, they sell the magazine to people who want to read more about what is featured.

The style of the page displays to the audience the cover and a small insight into what the magazine is featuring in that particular issue. The audience can then scroll down to read a small amount of what else is featured as a taster.

At the bottom of the page they have included past issues so if you have missed one you can read up on it and buy it online.

The style of the language is rather direct. The tone applies directly to the reader, and is in a laid back style. This is fitting for the style of the magazine as it is a music magazine and it is not required to be completely formal.

The imagery involved are photos of the actual magazine. They are direct to the feature and are just there for added visual aid for reader. For example, if someone had just read up on a band that they had never heard of, they wouldn't know what they look like so photos are used to show themselves as they are, not just words on a page.  It is also used as a way of appealing to the audience. Fans of the bands use it as a literal way of looking up to their idols.

The content of the magazine is based around rock music and everything that falls under that category. They include the latest exclusives and various other aspects that only music readers would enjoy such as: posters, stickers, free CDs and festival/concert/album reviews.

I think that this online music magazine, overall, has succeeded in its attempt at effectiveness to meet the audiences wants and needs. Combining content and imagery with free gifts, it all goes hand in hand.

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