Where the Lilies Bloom
by: Vera & Bill Cleaver

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Let the Lilies Bloom

Mary Call is a fourteen year old girl who must care for her ill father and also become a parent almost to her one brother, Romey, and her two sisters, Devola and Ima Dean. When her father dies she must face many conflicts including trying to keep her families hope and trust.


•Mary Call and the rest of the Luthers are starting to get short on money because of their fathers illness and eventually death. Mary Call, Romey, Devola, and Ima Dean begin to wildcraft for goldenseal and many other rare plants used for medicine and many other things.


•When Roy Luther passes away Mary Call tells Romey the news but keeps it from the others. Romey and Mary Call bury him up on a hill on Old Joshua that night. Romey is not pleased with the burial but it would have to do. The next day they tell the others. Devola is very mature about it but Ima Dean goes outside just to beat their chicken with a stick.

Falling Apart

•Just as our main character seems to be falling apart so does the house. Part of the roof caves in forcing the Luthers out of that part of the house.


•When nothing is going her way, Mary Call kind of looses it. She thinks its a good idea to live in a cave. She says they can wildcraft and eventually build a house. This is not civilized. The rest of the Luthers have an idea.


•Devola decided to marry Kiser Pease. He is a 30 year old man who Roy Luther hated. Mary Call hated to see it happen because she promised Roy Luther it would not. The wedding was beautiful and Devola had a yellow dress on. The familys relationship just grew stronger.

Read It

•This book is very motivational and uplifting. It has you feeling all sorts of emotions. It makes you sad, happy, and it even makes you laugh. This book was a delightful surprise to me and I think everyone should read it.

The End

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