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Drawing Realistic Icicles: A Tutorial From Envato Tuts+

Envato Tuts+ Tutorial by James Butler

I found the above tutorial, written by James Butler, on the Envato Tuts+ website and thought that I would share it. I've read through the tutorial, but I haven't attempted to draw it yet, but I am going to work through it.

The tutorial is well written and organized you should have no problem working through the tutorial. The difficulty level for this tutorial is aimed at those with intermediate skill in drawing. James touches on fundamental techniques, such as cross hatching, smudging, and creating finishing touches with erasers. With his structured step-by-step approach, completion of the tutorial should result in a piece that you will want to frame. You will need to allot yourself some time to complete, but you will be pleased with the result.

I share a lot of tutorials that I find on the web, most are video tutorials, but this tutorial caught my attention because of how well James had it structured. It's also the first tutorial I've shared from Envato Tuts+. When I found the site, I spent a bit of time looking through the site, and was pleased with how many tutorials in the 'Design & Illustration' section are focused on drawing. Envato Tuts+ is not a free website, but they do offer a 14 day free trial.

If you are short on any supplies that James lists in the tutorial, you can get them below, or at any art supply store.

Final Thoughts

If you are relatively new to drawing, I would still give this tutorial a try, although you would want to take some extra time to practice some of the fundamental drawing techniques that James describes in his tutorial. Even if drawing an icicle isn't your idea of subject matter to draw, there are many other tutorials on the Envato Tuts+ site that you may want to work through. Give it a look through.

Frank Sirianni aka Foxxfyrre

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