Inkscape Bear Character

Here is my Bear Character that I made with the tools presented in Jean's 'Create a Simple Character' tutorial. It's made entirely with circles except for the line from the nose to mouth.

The first step was doing the structure of the face. I used Duplicates of circles, just like Jean outlined. I then used the Object->Path and Edit Node to reshape the inner ear parts. After getting the shapes how I wanted, I then experimented with colors. The eyes were done exactly as Jean outlines in the tutorial.

I had to do a significant amount of reshaping with the Node Editor tools to make the inner ears, snout, and nose. After getting everything shaped how I wanted, I used the Bezier Pen Tool (not covered in the tutorial) to outline the bear.

For coloring, I experimented with the Gradient tool (not covered). I have another version where the colors weren't gradients, but I really like how this looks!

Some of my lines are imperfect because I was still practicing using the Pen Tool.