New Opportunities

By: Dawson Pardue

Top Ten

1: Jamestown- First town ever made in Americas.

2: Olmec, Aztec, Mayan, and Inca- Native American tribes who were not very civilized.

3: Plymouth- Town made for puritans because they wanted to live perfect lives with laws to govern them.

4: French and Indian war- war that happened between the french and the Indians over land in the Americas.

5: Columbus- An Italian explorer who was the first one to sail to America.

6: Migration to the Americas- Once the Americas were discovered everyone wanted to go there to get riches.

7: Conquistadors- Spanish individuals who came to America to get rich by themselves.

8: Early North American native tribes- Indians who had traveled by the land bridge over to the Americas.

9: European Explorers- European explorers wanted to come over to America to discover new riches.

10: Native American life styles- The Native Americans were very uncivilized but eventually learned how to farm things and settled down.

Biographical Summary of
Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer who lived from 1451-1506.  Columbus was not always the famous sailor we know him as, in fact, the first journey across the Atlantic Ocean he had ever been on, he almost got killed!  Columbus was sailing with a commercial fleet of boats that got attacked by privateers.  The ship he was on had burned, so he had to swim all the way to the shore of Portugal.  One there, he settled down and took a break from sailing.  He met his wife there and ended up having two sons named Diego and Fernando.  After this he participated in several other expeditions to Africa while gaining more and more knowledge about the Atlantic.  He eventually got the idea to try and sail West across the ocean to Asia instead of East, hoping to find a quicker route.  He also hoped to find many riches there.  After trying very hard to get his journey approved by the king, he was able to sail the ocean blue all the way over to America, which he at first thought was Asia, but soon figured out it was not.


1400s- Aztecs lived- The Aztecs were a native American tribe who hunted wild animals for food until they found out how to farm.

1492- Columbus sails the ocean blue- Columbus was an Italian explorer who wanted to take the dangerous expedition to find a new route to Asia but instead found America.

1502- Amerigo Vespucci- Amerigo traveled around the Brazilian coast and claimed it as a new country.

1519- Conquistadors invade- The conquistadors were people who invaded the Americas destroying native tribes and looking for riches within the land.

1521- Hernand Cortes- Cortes rounded up over 500 people and went into the new land, when he was met by the Aztecs and he destroyed them. ]

1532- Francisco Pizarro- Pizarro entered Incan lands and captured their king

1541- Hernando de Soto- Hernando was the first to start to explore to the southeast of the United States

1607- Jamestown is founded- The first town made by settlers in the Americas.

1620- Plymouth founded- A town founded for puritans that wanted to live perfectly.

1754- French and Indian War- The french and Indians fought for land instead of agreeing on a treaty.

Newspaper Article

Invading new lands?!? Yes, you read this right, we are invading new lands in a place called the Americas.  New land, New Opportunity, but were we the first people to discover it? Was there some culture who had lived there long before we came? Well recent explorers have proved that there has been multiple Indian tribes in the new land.  Hernan Cortez was one of these explorers. Hernan gave the Indian tribes no chance when he landed on the shores of the new world. Heran and his men took action right away, they took all of the Aztecs prisoners and destroyed their land and took their treasure. Discovering the new world sure is a big deal in terms of finding new riches and fertile land, but do we really have to destroy whole cultures over it? Another man named Francisco Pizarro was one of the men to invade the new land and destroy yet another Indian tribe called the Incas. We all want to have the new types of food, the riches, and the fertile land, but do we really need to kill people just to get what we want?


Christopher Columbus

Birth Date: 1451

Death Date: 1506

Family: Christopher Columbus did not intend to have a family at first, but after his first voyage at sea, he decided to settle down and get a wife and Marry. His Wife was named Filipa, and his two kids Diego and Ferdinand.

Major Accomplishments: Christopher Columbus was the first person to sail to the Americas!



Tin foil (No mess in oven or toaster oven when you use)
English Muffins
Pizza Sauce
Cheese (mozzarella is best)
Pepperoni (or any other desired toppings)

This recipe MAY need parental supervision!

1) Lay a square of aluminum foil in oven or toaster oven.
2) Preheat oven or toaster oven to 350°F.
3) Split English Muffins (may have to defrost if frozen).
4) Spread desired amount of pizza sauce on muffins.
5) Sprinkle cheese over sauce.
6) Put muffins in oven or toaster oven and bake for 3
7) Take out 'pizza' (HOT!) and put your toppings on, if you
want, add some more cheese. (Keep oven door closed.)
8) Return to the oven or toaster oven and bake for another 4
9) Remove 'pizza' from oven and let cool for at least 1
10) Enjoy!! (Don't forget to turn off the oven or toaster
oven and clean up!)

By the Numbers

4 Native American Tribes
1 Mayflower
102 people on the Mayflower
1 Christopher Columbus
2 kids of Christopher Columbus
2 important colonies
7 years of war
1,830 miles to sail to America
2,800 miles of new land
1492 is the year Columbus sailed the ocean blue


This Map shows all of the different ways that Columbus sailed over to the Americas.  Columbus was the first one to sail over to the Americas, and he sailed back to tell people about it and get more people over to, and more supplies.

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