I Was an Entrepreneur Masquerading as an Employee #21

Did the Democratic Party voters punish the President or did we just have bad candidates?

Senate pickup seat of the Republicans

  • 1) Arkansas
  • 2) Colorado
  • 3) Montana
  • 4) South Dakota
  • 5) West Virginia
  • 6) Iowa
  • 7) North Carolina

Republican has the control of the Senate, what you takin bout Willis?

What happen? Why couldn’t the Democratic Party candidates rally the Democratic base?


The Democratic Party candidates turned their back on the party leader, the President. The Democratic candidates cared more about self than party; which caused the constituent to turned their backs on the Democratic candidates.

How many Democratic candidates decided to have nothing to do with the party leader, our President? What did you think was going to happen?

The one person which gave the Democratic party something to look forward to, the President and the Democratic candidates took that away because they believed the President policies was too Obama. The Democratic candidate believe the President brand was too Obama. The Democratic candidate allowed the Republican Party to mislead them into thinking the President was toxic and for that the Democratic candidates lost what they should have won.

To the constituent Black Voters, Hispanic Voters, Low income voters, Middle Class Voters, seniors, Asian Voters and the host of others ethic groups who clearly decided to stay home, what were you thinking?

How did you think the First Black President was going to change everything you wanted, when you didn’t know what you wanted? You were so unclear in your message and like the Democratic candidates, you allowed the Republican Party to exploit your weakness. They continued to call our party leader weak and powerless, which was so far from the truth. They blocked everything and said the President wasn’t up for compromise.

How do you compromise with those who will do whatever it takes to undermine your efforts?

I’m neither sad nor disappointed, I’m more surprised! We work so hard day in and day out, but we do so little to fight for opportunities which we all are rightful entitled to. What is wrong with the state of democracy within the Democratic Party?

If you believe the Republican Party is your friend and has your best interest in mind, I have a bridge in my back yard I would like to sell you.

The next two years is going to show how friendly the Republican Party is to the working poor, middle class, seniors, people of color, jobs, infrastructure, women, LGBT, voters rights and civil right, must I go on.

In the upcoming weeks when you wake up and realize what happen weeks before, don’t get mad, don’t get angry, and get informed! If we are going to be the party which only votes during general election then gridlock, obstruction, figure pointing, and corruption will continue to be business as usual and the status quo.

Congratulation to all the Republican candidates for their fantastic sweep; handing the Democratic a butt kicking which took me by surprise! You now have to govern!

Can you live up to that? Time will tell! Democrats you have some splaining to do.