Vanbox Top Quality 40W Multi-Port USB Walls Charger

ivanbox 4 USB Wall Charger Pro for smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and other USB powered devices. The device can charge up to 4 devices at the same time with a maximum current requirement of 2.1 Amps. As an example, the iPhone requires a maximum of 1 Amp. However, when multiple devices are simultaneously charged together they must not exceed 2.1 Amps in total. So the 4 USB Wall Charger Pro is capable of charging 1 iPad, or 2 iPhones, or 4 iPods. You may also charge several other item variations totaling up to no more than 2.1 amps. The iSound 4 USB Wall Charger Pro will fit any standard wall outlet and features a flip out AC outlet for easy transport and storage. Also included in the box is a 3 foot USB to Micro/Mini USB cable.

In modern contemporary industry, the iPhone has gained a great popularity and the top place in the center and the brain of the customers. Innovative yet simple iPhone, iPad and other devices are definitely regarded the primary and most important support beams of Apple-owners these days. Due to the awesome styles, user-friendly, light-weight and functions, these are becoming the primary option of people. That is the only reason why Apple-owners have handled to improve their client platform across the world. VanBox everyone needs a 5-Port USB Wall Charger. In a generation where devices such are smartphones, tablets and other electronics are such vital accessories, having this charger is just as essential. Whether their devices are running on Apple or Android operating systems, they will be in good hands, because the VanBox 5- ports USB charger works like magic for most softwares.

The creators of ivanbox were able to take off a flexible charger that is both stylish and practical for common customers and technical smart people. With its light, sleek design that objectives to entice both the professional and informal customers, it is best for office and family customers. Its features make it useful for people who like to travel, which makes it ideal for those who needs to charge several gadgets at the same time.

This VanBox Top quality 40W multi-port USB Walls Charger can identify overcharging instantly, cutting off the power source to your connected mobile phones and product to prevent it from destructive it. It lets you focus on other points, such as family and work tasks. You can also sleep quietly without concerning about your gadgets being billed; this charger gives you comfort and relief. The overcharge shut-off function of this USB charger, on the other hand, detects if charging is completed and switches to a minimal charging level when the battery is full.

Therefore, if you are planning to enjoy this holiday season at some of the prominent locations then pick any of these iVanBox 5-Port USB Wall Charger in order to stay connected with the world. After fully charging your devices on a Multi Port USB Charger you can capture the best memorable moments of vacations and upload it to your Integra profile without worried about battery status. For more information visit the site .

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