Genocide Tackk

The 5 W's


The people of Sudan


They have been killed by the Jangawid group supported by the government.


2003 to March 4th 2009 when an arrest order was put out for the president.


Western Sudan in an area name Darfur.


To combat 2 armed political groups Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and the Sudan Liberation Army (SLA)

8 Stages

Militia members

1. Classification

Anyone in JEM or SLA are enemies.  Most of the Darfur region was classified as an enemy

2. Symbolization:

People living in the Darfur region are the enemy because they were more african, with a mostly middle-east government

3. Dehumanization:

They considered them lesser beings, like ants and other insects.


The army organized and gave weapons to the militia.  They trained the militia on how to make the most destruction possible

5. Polarization:

The government never tried to stop the militia. Anyone against it was probably fired, although nothing was stated specifically, we could assume they were killed.

6. Preparation:

The government bombed out the villages in Darfur so the rebels had an easy time raiding.  The military gave the militia everything they needed including weapons and ammo.

7. Extermination:

The Jangawid burned houses, entire villages, and tortured the civilians of Darfur. Many execution style killings were done in the middle of the streets for everyone to see.

8. Denial:

The Government denies its has any links to the militia, and that they are not giving them weapons.  They will not take claim to anything they did, claiming it was all the militia and the government had absolutely no part in it.

This video was about how people thought they put an end to genocide, but when it happened again, instead of stopping it, governments look the other way, and this video is trying to expose that.

Remains of a burnt out village in Darfur

Victims of the Genocide.

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