Brand Equity In Class Activity

1. What brand image/ positioning exist in customers' minds?

- Cool and Fun ( Established through its product packaging and product features)

- Techies (Product features and innovations)

- Better product quality and features (Price: Slightly higher than other brands)

2. Threats to the brand

- Issues with products (Eg. Removal of Google Maps for new OS)

- Lawsuits with other companies (Eg Samsung and other technology companies) as negative publicity to the company

- Erosion of product superiority: Customers might feel that other brands have a more superior technology than Apple products

- Value for money: Customers feel that products are not worth the money

3. How can brand equity be secured and increased in face of these threats

- Continuous innovation for better products

- Manage positive brand image: Such that the company can continue to charge high prices and customers are less inclined to brand switch

- Manage negative publicity and issues with care: Ensure external feedback by customers are being addressed. Turn customers complains into points for innovations and possibly competitive advantage.

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