The Plague of Kya

The Bubonic Plague, also known as “The Black Death” was by far one of the most tragic events in history. Killing about two out of every three people infected. So tragic, it took Europe alone one hundred fifty years to recover- just its population. In fact, the event of the Bubonic Plague affected Europe in more ways than just the population, ways I’m going to explain in this essay.

The Plague’s social effects included even decrease in faith of religion! Other social effects included economic events and peasants becoming slightly more empowered. Europe’s economic effects was one, the prices of both goods produced locally and those imported from afar skyrocketed, even wages outpaced prices, and the standard of living was subsequently raised. Serfs were no longer tied to just one master! If one left the land, another lord would instantly hire them.

The loss in the cities’ had caused a virtual collapse of the urban grain markets. Also causing lower prices and less demand, but increased the cost of living and gave the peasants more power. This especially hurt the nobles and clergy.Although, the series of events only hurt the economy, there was the good side. The Bubonic Plague played a big part in changing our ways in general, which leads to the modern time. The plague has changed the conditions we live in, which are a lot cleaner. It also has changed the way our hospitals deal with illness and the ways we treat them. And the way we govern our country, an example is Ebola and how we are helping other countries i.e., Africa.

Overall, the effects of the Bubonic Plague in Europe was the structure of Europe was drastically and irretrievably changed. But, we have changed the way we live positively and have helped prevent plagues like this ever happening again.

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