Kingdom Eubacteria

Marisa Mahalik & Briana Thomas

1. What domain is the Eubacteria kingdom in?

Eubacteria is catoragized under the bacteria domain. This consist of heterotrophic bacteria which comes in three shapes, cocci (spherical), bacilli (rod shaped), and spirilla (corkscrew shape).

2. What type of cells do organisms in your kingdom have?

The Eubacteria kingdom, contains Prokaryotic cells. Prokaryotic organisms are usually defined by their lack of cell nucleus. Eubacteria is the name for a type of single celled organism.

3. Do organisms in your Kingdom have cell walls? If so, what is it made of?

Yes, organisms in the Eubacteria Kingdom have cell walls. It is usually made of peptidoglycan.

4. What number of cells do organisms in your kingdom have?

Organisms that live in the Eubacteria kingdom are Unicellular. Unicellular means one celled. This particularly means bacteria and other microorganisms.

5. How do members of your kingdom obtain food/nutricion?

Members in the eubacteria kingdom obtain food/nutrition by heterotroph, which means taking in decaying mater that is easy to be broken down.

6. What are three examples of members in your kingdom?

Some examples of species within the Eubacteria kingdom are:

1. Bacillus anthracis

2. Escherichia Coli bacterium

3. Clostridium Tetani

7. What are three interesting facts about your kingdom?

1) Some organisms are aerobic meaning they need oxygen, while on the other hand some are anaerobic meaning the organisms will die if they come into contact with oxygen!

2) There are more eubacteria than any other organism!

3) We could not live without bacteria because they give plants all the nutrients they need and they also keep dead organisms from covering the world!

8. Sample Organisms

More facts...

~ They can survive in extreme conditions like in the areas of volcanic activities.

~ Eubacteria derive nutrition from three major sources, sunlight, organic and inorganic components

- They are considered as plants because of the presence of chlorophyll.