Easter egg and Christmas present delivery

I wanted to create this charity because I feel that children in children’s homes have been neglected and there are lots of Easter egg and Christmas present deliveries to ill children in hospitals but not so many to children in kids homes.

Every year my charity will deliver Easter eggs and Christmas presents to children in kids homes. We will raise money to do this by holding fun days and charity concerts.

A easter egg and a Christmas present

I have previously done an Easter egg delivery we asked people to deliver Easter eggs and we held a fun day with bouncy castles, a live band and a cake stall which was run by me and my sister. We raised over one thousand pounds and spent half on buying more Easter eggs and the rest went towards buying Christmas presents. Each child received about 4-5 Easter eggs and we went to about 10 children’s homes in Bedford and Dunstable.

Although I have done this before this will be the first time as an charity. I have also done a Christmas delivery before, we all dressed up and delivered presents to children's homes and unknown hospitals. we had a trailer which was painted to look like a sleigh and was towed by a car which we decorated with car accessories and ribbons to get into the Christmas mood.

We are a local motorbike group called hbb bikers rc. Rc stands for riders club. We currently have around 150 members and all like to contribute to the amazing cause that is delivering Christmas presents and Easter eggs to neglected children

A donation tin and various coins

You can also donate Easter eggs or presents.

Although to make it even we ask that all presents have a value of £5 and are unwrapped as they need to be checked before they can be given to a child.

We also ask that you do not donate expensive Easter eggs but instead children’s Easter eggs so there are no arguments or upset.

But you can help you can donate money today. From coppers to notes all is welcome and all will be put towards buying Christmas presents or Easter eggs.

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