The Prompt was to demonstrate our 3D Printing skills using Tinkercad.

  • My project is of a Chic'Bunny (half chicken, half bunny) which I printed on the 3D Printer.
  • I planned out what I wanted my Chic'Bunny to look like and if I wanted it to have legs that could be removed or not.
  • I was instructed to create a creature demonstrating my knowledge of shapes and rotations.


  • My process was find the right shapes for the body and the legs and to scale them to be able to fit together.
  • I had problems with trying to get the ears to connect and sit on top of the head and making holes at the bottom of the body for the legs to be placed in.
  • I asked an instructor for help or I kept trying to fix it until I got it right.


  • Next, I would like to try and create an Iphone case for my phone.
  • I liked the feeling of being able to learn more about 3D Printers.
  • I wouldn't have made anymore changes to my Chic'Bunny !