Me,Myself, & I- A Thomas Jefferson Story

By : Thomas Jefferson


          I was born on April 13th , 1743, I am also a Aries in the Zodiac. My parents birthed me in Albermarle County, Virginia, where my father gave me his large estate when he passed. This is where I started to design my home, which is called the Monticello. I also ran a plantation here. But I rarely stayed home, the place I longed to be the most. The Monticello, My home in Virginia.

         I soon went into office to run for President. Me and my crazy, hypocritical Adams were not the  best of folks. But I once was his vice-president when he was in office. Have you heard of the term "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." Me and Adam are very close if you get what I am saying.  

Me and Adams painted.

         I wrote the Declaration of Independence of what we follow today. I served President through 1801-1809 and my biggest achievement was the purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France. After that I sponsored the Lewis and Clark expedition to explore the new territory. I helped make great changes in the United States and I am proud to say so.

I helped make changes to help America better in society, and the  economy.

I got my information from :

1. Youtube

2. The Art of Power

3. T.J. The White House

Questions :

1.  Who was my biggest rival?

2. What was the name of the plantation?

3. What year did I get married to my wife?

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