Poe's Personal Life

By: Dylan Drew

Poe was born on January 19th 1809. His mother died subsequent, December 1811, he became the foster son of John Allan, a prominent Richmond, Va., tobacco merchant who gave Poe many childhood advantages. Thoroughly trained in the classics and in the rhetoric and aesthetics of the Scottish common-sense school of philosophers, Poe was, according to the critic Robert D. Jacobs, indeed a southerner by temperament and inclination. Generally, his biographers conclude that his instability as a person was in part due to the pressure of being a journalist. He absorbed the current wave of romantic thought, which in his day brought significant changes in literary theory and practice.

This where Poe's Museum in Richmond is.

This is where Poe went to collage and where he really studied his writing and launguge and this is where he became a real writer. So thanks to this school he became a better writer. And he was know to the world after his death at age 40.

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