1984 Project

By Ellie Lightheart and Isaac Barragan

Country Flag

Flag Symbolism

The tree of our flag represents peace and love in our country

White represents freedom and equality

Yellow represents riches and wealth

Blue represents security 


Constitution of Hansbure



The name of this country will be Hansbure



The purpose of this country is to provide freedom, equality, and peace.

The goals of this country is to maintain peace and have no violence what so ever or will be punished.


The citizens must be respectful to the party of Hansbure! All citizens of the country of Hansbure and worship the leader with respect and no questions! You must fight and die for this country and obey all rules to keep our country alive.


We all follow our savior and leader Della L. Hansbure and what ever she does is right and never wrong. She is our leader because he started this wonderful place and made it better for all of its people. We will not tolerate any misbehavior or question against this loving leader and we will question those who appose.


We will make sure we are all safe and secure with food on your table and water in your cups and we will risk anything for the safety of our people. The people of this country are to respect our leader and be willing to die for this country. Peace is everthing in this country.


The some right citizens have is the right to privacy,freedom, and peace.

The most important law is to follow our leader Della L. Hansbure our creator of our beautiful country. You will be required to pay taxes on a monthly basis. Worship our leader at least once a week. Will attend meetings in Town Hall. House must be clean daily and have areas of worship of our leader. Must be observed once a week. If a citizen breaks a law they will go through a systematic process of law. Must follow what the leader says because he knows best and knows what right and what's wrong. You as a citizen must be trustworthy to our leader and government. Citizens shall not oppose the leader for he shall set you free. Must have a religion preferably the same as our Leader. There shall be no violence or there will be consequences.


Education will be given to anyone who wants it. Citizens will have to pay taxes for education to be possible. WE have the top universities in the world. For people who do not want education have the choice to not have an education.


The flag of our country has a symbol of a tree with the colors of white, yellow , and blue. The tree represents peace of our country, white freedom, yellow riches, and blue security.


Della L. Hansbure is the leader. He is the creator of our beautiful country in which there is peace.


Has the powers of persuasion, is loved by everyone who meets her. When she wants something she goes and gets it no matter what. Is a great leader and teacher. Very kind and loving to friends, family, and even strangers.

Story of our Savoir

Della L. Hansbure's story begins when she was a small child. Her and her twin sister Edda Hansbure was abused by their parents in a town called Fern. Fern is a small in the outskirts of Germany. Everyday their drunk father would take out his anger on his two daughters while their mother afraid of the same abuse would let this happen and remain silent. Even when the authorities knew about the physical abuse no one ever stopped it. Della vowed that she was going to make a difference and stop the constant violence in this world. She grew up with a hard childhood, hated the violence and hatred she saw daily. At school kids made fun of her because she always had cuts a bruises all over her face. At the age of twenty, Della had the chance of getting away from her parents and attend collage but soon declined due to the fact she was going to make peace in the world. Della started riots in her town square over the war that was happening at the time and demanded to have peace. No body in the small town of Fern liked her and her sister because of the acts they made against the government. Tired of everyone hatting them for standing what they believed in, the twin sisters left their home town, taking with them their followers who believed in the same idea. Della created a new country called Hansbure she said it was going to be a place of peace and love. Della's sister became her adviser and they worked together running the country of Hansbure. Hansbure became a paradise that everyone felt that they belonged and wanted to live in. Della's traitorous sister left Hansbure and created and rebellion against Della's beautiful creation. They became enemies, constantly fighting against each other. Edda changes her last name to Spander and the sisters have not spoken for several years.

National Anthem

Here in Hansbure

our leader is honorable

We stand for truth and righteousness

Violence is not tolerable

All there is, is Brightness

We are a perfect country

no one can knock us down

not even the Spanders

we are united all around

Propaganda poster

Ministry of Love

When a citizen misbehaves there are consequences to act that was made. When They will be taken to a place in our country called "Feeding room". The citizen shall be taken to a small room surrounded by white. There they will be interrogated, and asked questions on why they did what they did. In that white room they will be left as a punishment. The waiting will be longer if the crime is worse. There will be a high fee to pay in order to get out of the room. In the small white room they will be feed all the food they want ,and maybe even more, giving more food when they are done. That room becomes a happy place full of food that never stops coming. Even when the citizen is full they will still eat all the food that is there. After stuffing their faces they will begin to be healthy again, eating all that food made them gain some weight, and get rid of all the food they ate by excising. They are left in the white room with no food or water, to think about what they have done. If they still don't get the message then we will do the entire process again. After all is done the citizen will be set free and will be a new person, a lot happier, friendlier, and loving to our country than before. This is how we keep control in our country. People will say that we are evil and torture our citizens, but this is to put them back on track again. We don't want to hurt them for the crime they made, we want to teach them right from wrong. Our country need to perfect and peaceful with out this we are nothing, so we need to keep you in line in order to become a place of love, happiness, and peace.  

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