Rime of the Ancient Mariner

The Rundown

The story tells of a man who is stopped by an old sailor as he is going into a wedding party. The sailor begins to tell him the tale that he is cursed to tell, a tale in which seems so far fetched that the wedding guest thinks he is talking to a ghost. The sailors story begins with him saying that he and his crew were sailing and had to go south to avoid a huge storm. As they went south it became really foggy and the Mariner could no longer tell where he was going. An Albatross appeared and helped to lead the ship through the fog. The mariner kills the albatross and begins to sail farther into uncharted oceans. The fog goes away and the wind completely stops "As idle as a painted ship Upon a painted ocean.". The sun shined bright on the deck making it unbearably hot as the crew began to run out of water "water, water, everywhere, nor a drop to drink". The crew at this point blames the Mariner for killing the albatross which has cursed them, they then forced him to wear the dead bird around his neck. Days pass without water and the Mariner spots a ship in the distance and bites himself to moisten his lips so he can shout about he ship he could see. The mariner made note that the ship was sailing with no wind and no crew... but wait there are two, The ship was manned by two, Death in the from of a man and life in death whom took the form of a nude woman. The two gambled for the Mariners soul, and life in death won the Mariner the rest of the crew wee left to death. The sky turned black as deaths ship sped away, each crew member cursed the Mariner with their eyes as they fell one by one. The albatross fell from his neck after he praised "sea snakes", it then began to rain as the dead crew arose to man the ship once more. Each man still blamed the Mariner for killing the albatross which lead to their death. The mariner was horrified by the crews coming back to life, he knew this would always haunt him. After the crew had been sailing for some time the mariner could make out the shore of his country in the distance, he could see another ship coming the meet him. as the ship got closer the ship that the mariner was on plummeted into the ocean. The mariner came above water to be greeted by his son and a hermit. this is where the Sailors story ends, The wedding guest leaves the party to go home a "wiser and sadder man".

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