52 IN 52

- 52 Albums that shaped me - 1 a week in 2014 - Arbitrary order -
- Because it's a really cool idea (from @rkelly216) -

Mr. Bungle - Mr. Bungle

Released on August 13, 1991, this album had to be my first entry (I know I'm saying the order is arbitrary). I can recall as if it was yesterday, driving back to my parents house from somewhere with Terri and hearing "Squeeze Me Macaroni" on one of the local college stations. I was a Faith No More fan but hadn't heard of Mr. Bungle yet. But the voice was unmistakable. Frantic guitars, saxophone, scratching, bizarre sound effects, crude lyrics... this song had a bit of everything.

Within less than a week, the CD was in hand and on constant loop. It was easier to describe what type of music isn't represented in some way on this album than what is. Everything from ska, death metal, psychobilly, carnival music and 50's doo wop can be found - joined by samples from video games, 60's education movies and Blue Velvet.

I'd be hard pressed to single out a favorite track. "Carousel" is an insane trip through a disorienting summer carnival. "Egg" is really just about an egg. "Stubb - A Dub" is a glorious and sad tale about the family dog. "Dead Goon" is a 10 minute sonic whirlwind that ends the album. There isn't really a track that defines the album as in many ways this is simply the most undefinable album I've ever owned or heard. Yet for all it's insanity, I find it an easy listen. In many ways I think it's a perfect representation of my taste in music (and what may be reflected over the next 51 weeks) in that there are so many musical styles that shaped me.

On that note - I'll include "Carousel" below - but I'd recommend giving the whole album a listen to - if you're up for it...

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