Jhanett Grández Rojas

My family

The relationship with my family is very wonderful. I have one couple, theirs names are Ruby and Darío. Ruby is eighteen years old and Darío is nine years old. My husband his name is Manuel. I love my family.

Ruby is a very responsability person, very quite, very beautiful, although sometimes she doesn't likes clean the house and cooking. But in another aspect is very useful. She help me with my son in his homeworks. She take care her brother. When she was little child, she used to play with her friends old until the nine years. She always wanted had a brother and now since that Darío borned, her life was changed for completely. In the actually she studies in the UPC industrial engineering, she has her boyfriend. She is outgoing, She has many friends, her best friends are Tify, Malú and Kevin. She has very communication with me, we are very friends. I love her.

Darío is my baby, I love him. He is child very funny and friendly. He used to break his toys and he hide. He is very obedient, although when he plays his play station 3 he forgets of all ours.

My husband is a very funny person, although sometimes is shy. He works much, he hasn't time for his family, but he love his family. He is a good person and I love him too.

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