Historical Figure Facebook Project
"Christopher Columbus"
By : Kayleen Rodriguez
Crossroads@Meade (Philadelphia, PA)

Christopher Columbus was born to be a adventurous explorer. He discovered many countries. He was very brave for that. Christopher Columbus is a brave man at least I think he was a brave man. His first voyage was into the Atlantic Ocean in 1476 nearly cost him his life I think that was very brave of him.

When he was on that ship he was not scared to go in the ocean when is rainy, cold or anything. He just kept exploring the world. That's what I like about him that he kept exploring the world even when there was big waves and rain etc... Christopher Columbus even killed to explorer more and more countries. I think he didn't have to kill to explorer new land I think he should just of been him self and explorer the world without doing any harm to other people. But I'm proud that he discovered new land for us. I mean if he did discover new land for us then we would even know where to go for vacation or any thing. I pick Christopher Columbus because i wanted to know how he discovered new land for us. These are the reason why I pick Christopher Columbus for my historical figure.