Non Fiction

Learning About Informational Text

What is non fiction?

Nonfiction is informational text. We read non fiction so we can learn about history and famous people. We also read it so we can stay up to date. Some people read it for book reports and to become better readers.

Features found in Sharks

  • Index: A list that tells the locations of subtropics.     Pg 33
  • Photographs: Real life pictures.          About every page.   Ex: 14
  • Glossary: Definitions of vocabulary.      Pg 33
  • Vocabulary: Difficult words that can be found in a glossary.    Almost every page.   Ex: pg 8
  • Facts: Information about the topics.   Every page     Ex: pg 24
  • Subtopics: Topics that are related to the main topic.      Every page   Ex: pg 11

Facts About Sharks

  • Sharks belong to the group of fish known as Chondrichthyes.
  • Sharks have 3 eyelids.
  • In the back of a shark's eye is a mirrorlike surface called a tapetum lucidum.
  • Sharks have an extra sense called electroreception.
  • Shark eggs an encased in a case or shell before it is laid.
  • One type of shark has devolping young that are cannibals.
  • There are about 350 kinds of sharks.
  • The whale shark is harmless to humans. Some scuba divers hitch a ride on it by holding on to its fins.