Yondora's Much Ado Retelling


Hero is very innocent, sweet, and honorable. Claudio wants to woo Hero and Don Pedro tries to be "Claudio" and woo her. Don John tells Claudio that Don Pedro really loves Hero. Don Pedro, Claudio, and Leonato talk about Beatrice's "love" for him. Hero and Ursula talk about Benedick's "love" for her. Don John told Claudio that Hero is promiscuous and "proves it" by taking him outside and showing him that "Hero" really is promiscuous, which is really Margaret dressed as Hero. Beatrice and Benedick change throughout the story because they are trying to impress each other. Don Pedro calls Hero a "common stale". Don Pedro and Claudio watch Borachio "hook up" with Margaret instead of Hero. The goof troops (the watchmen) overhear Borachio talking to Conrade about Margaret pretending to be Hero. Claudio declines Hero's hand in marriage because he thinks that Hero is a "common stale". Leonato is threatening to kill Hero if this is true. Friar Francis believed that Hero is innocent and that she is not a "common stale". Leonato told Claudio to marry Hero's cousin, Margaret, which will actually be Hero.

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