Isaac Newton

Created by Bryce Butler

Isaac Newton was a great mathematician, and scientist who lived from 1643-1727.  He accomplished many things throughout his life in England.  


He grew up in Woolsthorpe, England and was raised by his grandmother becuase his father died three months before he was born, and his mother remarried and left when he was only three years old


He attended the University of Cambridge, and when the black plague was particularly bad he returned to his home in Woolsthorpe.  While at his home he worked on the motions of the planets as well as developing differential calculus.  That all accumulated in his book Principia Mathematica which was his life's greatest work detailing his theory of gravity and his three laws of physics.


Some say that Isaac Newton was the founder of modern science because of the way he approached Principia Mathematica was so different from everyone else at the time.  He led to a much better understanding of the world around us as well as the heavens.  When you learn Newtons three laws of motion in Physics Newton was the first to put them down on paper, as well as every time you try differential calculus.