Roman Army

The Roman army was a place where they trained you up to fight for Rome. I'd you joined the Romans army you hade to stay for 25 years which is life so you don't get to see family and friends for 25 years. The Roman army was a cruel place because if you got sick of the army and decided to leave you are hunted down and killed. The training was very strict, if new people joined they were to carry weapons and shields that were twice as heavy so when you use the real thing it was easier to use.

The tactics they used were so good that they won mostly all the battles they get into. There are different people that did different things like the new people would be at the front so when the people with the best skill in fighting are at the back the enemies get tired the best solders come and destroy them. Some warriors had a weapon called the Gladis which is a small sword like a dagger and they and had shields from head to toe and they make wall like the one above and go to the people and stab them and since the dagger is small it comes out quick so the person can move on and kill more people.

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