Advance in Genetics

Genetics are everywhere they make up everything you see around you. But the most common genetics we know are about the human body. This website below maybe help you understand genetics stuff better

Here is a video on youtube how genetics are advance

Here are is some more about gentics

Genetics are really interesting because they can do a lot of stuff like make up your bodies cells DNA and more. Scientist know more about genetics than they do anything else because its easy to learn, but genetics are getting more and more advance. That one day we will be able to do anything with genetics. The pro's of genetics are that one day we can make stuff out of nothing but just DNA but, the cons are that something could go wrong and turn out the wrong way the way people do not want it to. Genetics are so advance right now that we can do a lot of stuff but in the future we may be able to copy a human's and more.

Here is a photo of spinal tumors and how advance treatment for them is

On this website below you can find a road map to the "volume Control" of genes    

Here is an another website for some principles of Genetics which you can do study guides and more this will help learn more about it

Here is a link to a genetic game where you can breed dogs of one trait or multiple traits and their are three levels for each and it gets more and more advance

Here is an another games that explians how to cross genetics

Here is a website i would like you to take this think that is like a survive please

Genetics advancing is so good because we can study the human body more than we ever could like we can find where you came from. How long you may live and more like how many cells are in your body and whats in your cell. I really think one day the world will be so advance in genetics even more than we are now we will not know what to do anymore.

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Nice work Kory! I enjoyed your presentation!