Kendra Miller


Its my favorite class because I love learning about the past and comparing it to modern times.


Cake is my favorite food because it gives me something sweet to eat.

Among the Missing books

This series would be my favorite because of all the history and suspense it has all at the same time. Also because it gives a cliff hanger which gives you an anxious feeling to read the next book.

Dorothy must Die

I am currently reading this book and as far as I'm at its very good.

The Fault in Our Stars

I love this movie so much! it is so funny, emotional, and just down right the best!!

One Direction

They are the best because they have helped me through so much like when I'm feeling sad they make me happy when no one else. NIALL HORAN IS MINE NO ONE ELSES!!!!!! ( hes the blonde)


Netflix is my hobby because I love finding new things to watch and enjoy and sometimes become obsessed with hehehe cx

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