February Conference

Luke J


I got a 781 on SRI.

I got 7/10 on leaders. 11/12 on a Vocab rievew. I got a 7/10 on Dust of Snow. I got 5/11 on Let it snow.  

I need to enprove on poetry.


I got 11/20 on a Persuasive Essay. I got a 2 on News ELA. I got 12/19 on Settlers and Indians.

I used no transitions words


I got a perfect score on Adding and subtracting fraction. I got 8 /10 on Long Division. I got a 3/5 on Unknown numbers in a equation. I got 8/10 on Reducing fraction.  I got a 4/4.   

Social Studies and Science

I got a on 15/18 on my Unit 4 test.

I got a 17/30 on my Unit 8 test.


I'm not to good at behavior  doing homework.

I'm have great behavior at school.

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