It's only a festival away.....

               -join   the  gupta-

Welcome, young travelers, to this land of wonder and beauty. Did our lights draw you in as moths to a flame? But don't worry, you will not get burned, for this is a place of splendor and celebration. Come, join us in the court for an extravagant feast where we will tell you the grand highlights of life in the Gupta, but quietly, for not all who dwell here know these secrets. Ah, look at you, bright-eyed and clever, eagerly anticipating what the world has to offer. Our empire needs such spirits as yourselves. Wouldn't you care to join us?

Though we are the life of the party, it is not all fun and games. Our emperor, Samudra Gupta is determined, but also relentless, granting little mercy to his victims. With him as our ruler, and with longbows at our side and skilled horsemen, we have defeated 21 kings; nine  in the north, and twelve in the south. Our threat grows even greater with our sophisticated war machines like the catapult! With the expansion of territory, Samudra Gupta has led us into a, well, Golden Age!

When it is fun and games, it's a thrilling experience! Our people bring warmth to the meaning of beauty. We are composed of many talented artists. Our coins are beautifully designed. The writing on the Allahabad Stone Pillar has been gently carved to precision. And the power of the Kamasutra writing enlightens your knowledge of love and marriage. Even Kalidasa's plays, filled with epic heroism and humor, add a bright spark to our community that everyone loves to be a part of.

India is united under one leader: our ruler, we are prosperous, and harmony rings every time I gaze into the world around me; everyone's world; the Gupta's world. I fear for those who are our rivals, because I know the true power which we have. Yet we could always become stronger, in fact, I know an interesting group whom would make a lovely addition to our world; the Gupta world. I am speaking to them right now. Join our powerful military! Join our freedom! Come and join the empire today!

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