Tiara Heesen

The melody maker of the businessworld

Displaying great determination, initiative and filled with love and passion for music she has managed to change the experience of listening to music forever. Her business quickly became the best known desinger and manufacturer of high quality headphones and earphones.Changing them into a lighter and more comfortable model that will trasnport you into the melodic world, providing clear acoustics and tastefull bassnotes. But how did she get this far?

Soon after she had left school she partnered up with a number of musicians including her classmate and famous musician Kirsty Graham to perfect her idea and bring it to the people. With the ability to plan and the willingness to take risks her idea has expanded and has become the number one , 5 star rated product on the market. Never before had people experienced a sound that was as clear as that what came from the headphones she had created. She took her chance when she realized that people were craving for an improved way to listen to their favourite music. Her business had quickly defeated what seemed as extreme competition at first like companies such as Beats.

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