The Southern Colonies

Workin' the Farms, but Livin' Large

Plenty of Space!

Come live in one of our fine colonies in the greatest region around!

If you're interested in one of our colonies here, click on the title to learn more. We're only here to make sure you're happy with where you choose to live!

Which of the Southern Colonies would you want to live in? Happy farming!

The Perfect Climate

Why would you want freezing winters where you'd barely be staying warm enough to survive? Wouldn't you much rather have a warmer climate, where you can live comfortably? Not only are the Southern Colonies warmer than the others, but because of the constant heat, we have the #1 longest growing season; who wouldn't want that?!? Our climate was destined for producing crops, which means bringing in the big bucks. Comfortable weather, a simple career, plenty of money and business; if that doesn't sound like heaven to you, you MUST be crazy.

Our Fine Agriculture

We have the climate for it, and the land for it; of all the regions, you'll find that because of our climate and long growing season, we have the best overall agriculture down in the Southern Colonies. The soil is rich and fertile, allowing crops to easily flourish; our land was made for farming, and we have a sneaking suspicion that you were just made to be a farmer! You'll be guaranteed plenty of money, for one of our most popular plants is tobacco; that's right, the big moneymaker. Tobacco is perfect for our climate, and is in high demand everywhere. Rice and cotton are also important crops that work especially well down in the Southern Colonies. How could you not be sold on this fine establishment with all that in the package?

Booming Industry

Because the Southern Colonies were simply made for farming, our industry mostly consists of cash crops. Tobacco, because of its high demand, is the most popular, and brings in tons of money, more than you can imagine or dream of ever holding in your own hands. Rice and cotton are also very easy to grow in our colonies, and are very big sellers. Not only do we sell crops from our wealthy farms, but we also take care of timber and naval supplies, so if farming isn't for you then you can take on the important task of building ships and houses instead! There's plenty of work, and plenty of money; what could possibly compare to that?

Thank You

We hope you choose to settle in one of our fine Southern Colonies, and thank you for your time. We have land, luxury, money, perfect weather, perfect soil... you can't turn all that down! We hope to see you soon, in the Southern Colonies, where you're workin' the farms, but livin' large!

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I have a question what did the southern colonies use money for