If I could go back in time
Matthew Watson

If I was sent back in time I would most likely go back to the early 80s or late 70s. When I got there I would try and fit in but before I went I would write all of the big inventions that we use now down on paper. I would try to invent things like the cell phone, lap top, advanced computers and even tablets. I don't think that I would find immediate fame or riches but maybe if I worked hard I would finally become one of the best inventors of the century. Once my name had become big, I would try to invent things to help the nation and even third world country's like south Africa and Haiti.

If my inventions that came from the world we live in now becomes big even back then I am not sure how it would effect the world that is now. It might innovate things even further than we can imagine. I don't think I would try to come back to where we were now even though the technology I bring with would advance enough to make a time machine. If anything I would invent the time machine but not use it to return back to where we were.

I think the hardest part for my plan is to get helpers and the technology to work with to make my plan work. I also don't know how well I could fit in with the people and culture that was in this time. If you think about it, the 80s and 70s were very different. Those ways being how they dressed, acted, talked and even the day to day technology and music. I would hope that with my inventions we could excel and even be able to prevent major catastrophes like 9/11 and weather phenomenons.

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