52 IN 52

The 52 Records that define my love for music

Week 16/ Album 16

Who: Faith No More "The Real Thing"

When: 1989

Why: This was the first tape I bought with my own money. It was a blue tape too!  It was awesome. As with alot the early music in my life, Faith No More was introduced to me by music videos.  Everyone knows the "Epic" video. The flopping fish at the end!  Did it live?  "The Real Thing" was a catalyst to an entire catalog of brilliant music.

Where: I've seen them twice. Once at Nautica, and once at the Agora (with Limp Bizkit...see below for a funny story)

This, and all of Faith No More's catalog is brilliant. This record was an introduction to faster, heavier music.  I have a story for every record, but this one was my first. This tape stayed in my tape player for days and it completely holds up today. It always seemed to me that Faith No More were 5 completely different musicians that somehow pulled it together to write amazing songs, and I think I was right.  They're undefinable. They're one of the most influential metal bands of the late 80's early 90's and way ahead of their time.  They never made a bad record, and I love all of them.

In 1997, they toured with Limp Bizkit. Halfway through LB's set, they were boo'd off the stage.  When FNM comes out, and about 3 songs in, Mike Patton said something like "So what did you think of LB?"  when the crowd boo'd, he laughed and shrugged like "well, yeah they do" it was brilliant.

I know this isn't on "The Real Thing" but it's my favorite song they did and the video is hilarious.