Rio de Janeiro

Beautiful places. A new World?

As you see here. Rio, is a beautiful city with enormous and beautiful beaches. It is very hot so when you come to Rio you should bring beach clothes to enjoy the beautiful cities.

This is the hotel Astoria it is in Rio Copacabana it is very comfortable and not expensive.

Hotel Astoria Copacabana -‎

This is the copacabana palace it is the best hotel in Rio all the famous people stay there. It is very nice, comfortable and all but it is kind of expensive.

Copacabana Palace Hotel -‎

Here is another very good hotel it is the Sol Ipanema it is a best western so it is a very good hotel with all included. It is kind  of expensive but not much.

Best Western Plus | Sol Ipanema Hotel

Here lots of tourists come to see the maracana it is a soccer stadium which is very large and very beautiful. Here lots of games are played.,d.cWc&cad=rja

This is the christ. A day there are like 10,000 tourists seeing the christ. It is beautiful and enormous and very attractive to see.

Statue of Christ the Redeemer (Cristo Redentor) - Tours ...,d.cWc

Here lots of tourists go. It is called pao de acucar. It is a very large mountain where you take pictures of all the city and you get to travel in the  cableway.

This is the typical food of Rio it is the famous and delicious Feijoada.

This is one of the best restaurants in rio. It is called Porcao and the one of the best feijoada in rio is in this restaurant. In Ipanema,d.cWc,d.cWc

This is another Restaurant-bar it is called Bar Astor I ate a feijoada here once and it was delicious. It is in ipanema,d.cWc

Here they sell typical Brazilian food like feijoada it is a delicious feijoada. It is in copacabana.

This is an online newspaper from rio,d.cWc

Here is another online newspaper of rio.,d.cWc

So this are the beauties of rio. It is awesome everybody in the world should come to see all rio and it's beauties i'm waiting for you to come!

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