Hundred Years' War

By: Kyle K. and Caleb B.


How can wars weaken an empire?

~Overview of the war:

(1337-1453) Series of conflicts between England and France for who should claim the French throne and control all of France.

~Major Battles:

Battle of Crecy:
First decisive battle of the Hundred Years' War , the English defeated the French (1346)

Battle of Agincourt:
Village in France where England won against the French showing their effective troops (1415)

~Joan of Arch:

French military leader who led the siege of Orleans against the English in the Hundred Years' War.

~Creation of the Spanish Empire

Isabella of Catile & Ferdinand of Aragon - Queen of Castile who married Ferdinand of Aragon uniting their two kingdoms to create the first modern Spanish state.


Do wars have a positive or negative effect on empires? Are  they more constructive or destructive?


How can wars weaken an empire?

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