Is Canada the Greatest Country to Live in?

Changing Populations

In the past, even though we treated the First Nations differently and took their land in the past, Canada cannot be judged on what happened in the past. We took their land to make a living, but without them we could not have been here. Before, we used their techniques to live as well. We learned how to live like them. Even if  we disrespected them, in the end they helped us and we helped them.

We can be proud of Canada's immigration history because in the past, Canada has been a place for so many people, such as refugees, to  call home. Without Canada, people would not be safe in their homes. Canada is a place that has so many people who came to find jobs, refuge or entertainment.

In 2050, Canada's population will change by increasing or decreasing. It could increase because today there is a large amount of people immigrate to Canada and young adults could get married and start a family. The population could decrease because of diseases or the number of death rate increases faster than the increase of the birth rate.

Interactions in the Physical Environment

All land regions in Canada have advantages and disadvantages. No place is perfect, but the regions in Canada have good land characteristics. For example, the East Coast of Canada has a good amount of rain, but in the Southeastern areas, the temperature is good enough to support life.

Managing Canada's Resources & Industries

To keep Canada's primary industries more suitable is to keep our country filled with power to keep buildings working. To have buildings using the power from the primary industries, we need to keep the industries sustainable. Every day, people work to find specific resources that the industries need to keep working.

If we keep getting oil from tar sands, we would kill the people that live close to the tar sand industry.  The water that they drink becomes contaminated and the animals in the water become deformed and then die. The people drinking the water would get diseases or cancer.

Liveable Communities

Canada is able to keep the cities sustainable ïfor the future because the people save enough resources to keep new generations alive to replace people who are unable to work for the generations after them. If the people who live in Canada do not save up enough energy, the future generations will not live until the generation after them would not exist.

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