Science Investigation II


Energy Efficcent Homes

A building being built needs to have things built in it to reduce the cost of air conditioning and heating. Being efficient is not only good for mother nature, but also for your wallet since the costs of electricity has spiked. The air-con, while nice to have, does not need to be on 24/7 and neither does the heater. (Although why you would want a heater near the equator, I do not know. Unless you live on the top of Mount Kosciusko, then you have an excuse) These design and insulation can cut down immensely on your budget and make room for other things like, handbags, swords and say, atomic bombs.

You may want to consider having deciduous trees and bushes in front of north-facing windows, so that in summer your windows are shielded by the leaves and warm sunlight comes in during winter to keep it cool. Having your house on stilts can be good as it not just stops the house from being washed away by a flood but it also allows for circulation to occur under the house, cooling the floor and the house. Having high ceilings may make the house echo but it will aid in circulation due to having more room and free space, having lots of ways for air to escape would be a good idea too. Having fibreglass, wool, fur, etc. insulators in the walls with lots of pockets of air in it will help keep the house hot or cold (depending where you live). Having porous bricks, like cavity bricks and double glazed windows
A building needs to have electricity efficiency as well. It needs to use green ways to get it's power, it could use solar power, windmills, atomic bombs (no, don't use that, although it might work) and many others. However, solar power is the best. Solar power is where sunlight is transferred into electricity, as energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed, to power small appliances, like calculators, larger things, like houses, and even entire towns.
The best orientation for a house would be near a lake or ocean and on a little hill. Water cools the air so that the air will be nice and cool and having nice, soft breezes. To have the house on a little hill will mean that the house will be taking full advantage of the breeze coming from the body of water. Also having living areas and windows facing north is good.
In conclusion, having an energy efficient home will ultimately save your money. And all of the above are good advice but you can do more saving in the way of how you live you live your life. Having fluorescent light bulbs for example instead of incandescent light bulbs is an example. So get on your way with your happy little, money saving life and save up for that extra thing, like that bomb and cyclone bunker or an atomic bomb! Or you could save up for the next loaf of bread of your kid's schooling.

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