Paraguay by Jake g.

Paraguay is in central America but under Mexico but there is a lot of cities in Paraguay but the same as Bolivia and Argentina even more countries have the same cities and states as all other countries.


Paraguay is  tropical and humid weather. Today's  weather is 89 degrees and it is for now 70 degrees and tonight is supposed to be 70 degrees with no rainfall tonight

Paraguay area

Paraguay is about 157,048 miles squared and (406,752 kilometers squared).

Paraguay people and culture  

the Spanish people conquered in the 16th century. Spanish settlers and Jesuit missions introduced Christian and Spanish culture to the region.     

the Population for Paraguay is 6.802 million square miles.

The capital of Paraguay

the Capital of Paraguay is Asuncion

the president of Paraguay

Paraguay president is Horacio cartes. Horacio cartes was the president of Paraguay since august 15, 2013  

Interesting facts about Paraguay

Paraguay is east to northeast of Brazil and to the northwest of Bolivia

Government of Paraguay

Paraguay is participatory and unitary state

Continent of Paraguay

Paraguay is beside Americas, South America

Important holidays

  • January 1st they celebrate New year day.
  • on march/April they celebrate Maundy/holy Thursday and also they celebrate good Friday.
  • in May 1st Paraguay celebrates labor day.
  • on May 14 to 15 they celebrate Paraguayan independence.
  • on June 12+ they celebrate Chaco armistice.
  • on august 15 they celebrate founding of Asuncion.
  • in September 29th Boqueron battle victory day
  • in December 8th Virgin of Caacupe
  • December 25th they celebrate Christmas day   
  • link of important holidays of Paraguay
  • December 31st they have the last day of the year
  • on april 30th they have teacher's day

Paraguay dollar bills

Paraguay dollar

Paraguay has United States dollar bills they equal to 0.00021 United states dollar bills

                                                             Paraguay flag

  Paraguay national animals

  • pampas fox
  • bell bird                                                  Paraguay national anthem                                                                                                             

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