My Spring Break!  #springbreak  #kettner  #tech42


For my spring break I went to Arizona! I went on my first plane and it was my first time out of state other than going to places close to Washington like Oregon and Idaho. Some more things about me is I was born in Spokane and have been here all of my life. I played soccer and basketball up until last year when I decided just to do basketball. Some things I like to do is play basketball, hang out with my friends, photography and basically anything that is outdoors! I love traveling and want to go more places soon. On the Saturday after we got out of school I went to the airport and took off for Arizona. The day we got there we just checked into our hotel and went to the pool. I got to hang out with some of my moms friends and I met one of my cousins for the first time! I went to Goldfield Ghost town and went on a mining tour and then went on a steamboat on Canyon Lake! We saw alot of cool rock formations and some big horned sheep. Next I went to Sedona where we walked around town and took some really cool pictures! We also went hiking in Sedona and it was really fun! After that we hung at the pool and then we had to leave :( When I got back I hung out with friends and went on hikes! Overall I had alot of fun and I wish it didn't have to end so soon :(

A picture I took in Goldfield!

Its really cool and interesting how different the landscapes between Arizona and Washington are! There isn't hardly any trees but there is a lot of cactus and brush in Arizona. When we were there was when all the desert plants were in bloom.

A picture I took in Sedona!

Sedona is about 2 hours North of Phoenix, there is more trees in this area and the rock is really red and the area is famous for the red rock formations.

Me when we went hiking!

Hiking was really fun and it was about 60 degrees, I was careful not to step on any cactus.

When Belle and I went hiking

This is a picture of Belle and I when we went penny boarding, then went hiking! It was a lot of fun.