Weather and heating of the Atmosphere

Mrs. Rapoport                                                             3/31/14

What is weather?

Weather is the day-to-day conditions of a particular place.

How does the sun warm earth?

The sun emits light, and light is energy. The light travels to the Earth, and is absorbed into it generating heat.

What are the elements of weather?

There are several elements that make up the weather and climate of a place. The major of these elements are five: temperature, pressure, wind, humidity , and rain. Analysis of these elements can provide the basis for forecasting weather and defining the climate.

How do solar energy circulate over earth?

Heat energy can move from one place to another in three ways. You already learned that the only way solar energy can reach Earth is by radiation through space. Although radia- tion is very fast (300 million meters per second) it can occur only through empty space or through transparent materials. Once solar energy reaches Earth, it is distributed over the planet’s surface by conduction and convection

How does a thermometer work?

A thermometer is a device that measures the temperature of things.

What are the three ways energy can transfer from one material to another?

there are many ways we can transfer the energy from one material to other

Radiant energy (radiation)

Heat conduction (travelling heat) Convection (currents of warm air)

How heat is transferred in the atmosphere ?

The sun's energy moves through space, then through the earth's atmosphere and finally reaches the earth's surface. The sun's radiation warms the earth's atmosphere and surface and becomes heat energy. This heat energy is transferred through the atmosphere by one of three mechanisms:

1. Radiation

2. Convection


What four variables interact to cause weather?


2.Air pressure



When does the sun heat the ground most strongly in New York State?

at noon on the first day of spring, about March 21.

What is the differences between radiation, conduction, and convection?

Conduction is heat transfer between part of the same material or different material which are adjacent to one another.

Convection is heat transfer from one material to another via a medium, such as air or water.

Radiation is heat transfer without any medium and through electromagnetic waves, such as between the Sun and the Earth.

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