Safety Online
By:Charlotte Fraser & Jessica Gregoire

  1. Tell your parents right away if something is making you feel uncomfortable online. Talk with your parents about posting pictures of yourself or others online Be nice to other people online and don't post anything that could be offensive to others  ect.

2. When younger kids are on the internet they are not as aware of scams or what to do if someone asks for their information. So do not click on something you don't know.

3. Never give out personal information such as Telephone number, address, Full name, anything else that someone you don't know shouldn't know without parents’ permission.

4. When on the internet keep all information to yourself and if you ever enter a position where you feel threatened, uncomfortable or bullied talk to an adult right away

5. Other safety tips are if someone that you have been talking to for awhile ask you to meet up ask your parents to come and go to a public area. Another is if anyone ever ask for money or is taking advantage of you get off right away.

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