Fossil Fuels

The Million Year Process  By:  Danie   Demers

Fossil fuels are made up of different things like heat, pressure, and lava. Over time people dig in the ground and ocean for these fossil fuels to fuel homes and power plants and etc. Just think whenever  you learn next time about fossil fuels they all have to have pressure and several years to form. Fossil fuels have a big history and if we keep using it at a fast rate we'll soon run out of fossil fuels.

Coal- coal is made up of dead decaying animals, which need pressure and millions of years to  form. Whenever i think of a what fuels a fire place, I think of coal but next time think of how long it took to make a single piece of coal.  Coal is mainly formed at the bottom of water and eventually gets covered and a change of form comes in after pressure.  Texas is the most coal consuming state in the US. The value of coal produced in the US each year is about $20 billion.

Natural Gas- natural gas is formed from by dead decayed plants and tiny sea animals with lots of pressure and time. Not to mention its a nonrenewable resource. Propane is an example of natural gas which fuels homes and gives heat and cool air when needed, its also used for grills.  More than half of  all the homes in America use natural gas which has no smell nor any color.  When cooled under 260 degrees Fahrenheit natural gas turns from a gas to a liquid.

Oil- oil is made by decaying plants and animals and needs lots of pressure and time. Its most common for oil pumps in the ocean for the dead animals and plants and water as the pressure. Oil is for fueling cars and etc. The US has the largest oil reserve, and consumes more oil than any other country. Oil is used in medicine, sports items, and cosmetics, and  also follows the names by "Texas Tea" and "Black Gold."

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