E.E Cummings

stacey peebles

he was born october 14 1894 he died september 3 1962 he attend school in paris to study art. E.E cumming wrote Native poems one of his poems name is anyone live in this pretty little town that was one of his famous poems.in style of some of his poems name and capitalization below was an american poet painter essayist author and playwright his body of work encompass approximately

poems by E.E cummings

  • I will wade out
  • Humanity i love you
  • i like my body when it is with you
  • i have found what u are like

figurtive lagueage

i have found out what u are like the rain

i wade out

i will wade out

till my thighs are steeped

in buring flowers

i will take the sun in my mouth

and leap  into the ripe air


with my eyes close

to dash against darkness

in the sleeping curves  of my body

shall enter fingers of smooth mastery

with chasteness of sea girls.

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