By: Kendahl Siva
#momentum #kettner #tackk

1.) Momentum~ The product of an object's mass and velocity.

2.) Conservation of momentum~ The total linear or angular momentum of an isolated system remains the same.

3.) Formula for momentum~ Momentum= Mass* Velocity and or P=MV

4.) The "p" in the formula represents the product of mass and velocity of an object.

5.) A heavy moving van has the same momentum as a small motorcycle because the van has more weight then the motorcycle making there momentum the same.

6.) A "sticky" collision is when objects end up sticking together during a collision.

A "non-sticky" collision is when two objects of the same mass don't stick together and outside forces.

Elastic collision~ when objects collide and have a reaction.

Inelastic collision~ is when there is no reaction of both objects once the objects collide.

9.) Throwing a piece of clay onto the ground would be inelastic collision because there is only a reaction or effect of one of the objects ( the clay).

10.) Angular momentum is a measure of the amount of rotation an object. Angular momentum has to do with space of Earth's rotation and how the Earth stays moving.