Rule of Thrids

1. How did you make the theme your own?

The theme was centered so I thought to take a pic of one of my dogs, and try to make it black and white. Just because I like black and white pictures.

2. What do you like about your photo?

I really love how I got him (cooper) to look right at me when I was taking the picture. I also really like how it is in black and white. You can also see on the right side it’s brighter because of the sun and I think that just helps makes the picture better.

3. What would you change?

I really wouldn’t change much I think the only thing I would change would be his whiskers that he has on the bottom of his chin.

4. What actions did you run and what did you do with these actions?

Well what actions did I run I really don’t remember I just clicked a lot of random ones and this was the outcome. I do know I used Ashley's clean action, as well as Sharpen This and then one of the Nelly Nero black and White